Digital Bar Charts!

We’ve had fun this week learning all about data handling! We have been looking at pictograms, tally charts and bar charts.

Today we learnt how to make a chart using google sheets on the chromebook! We entered our information then turned it into a chart, labelled it and personalised it.

Well done p4/5!


Christmas Parties!

We had lots of fun at our P4 and P5 Christmas parties this week and enjoyed lots of games and dancing!

A Raft for a Gingerbread Man?!

This week we had lots of fun working in groups to complete a Christmassy engineering challenge…building a raft for a gingerbread man! No idea how Miss McPherson came up with that idea…but it was good fun! 😂

There were 3 criteria: the raft had to float, it had to be strong enough to hold a gingerbread man (biscuit!) and it had to be Christmassy!

Pupils had to plan their designs then request which materials they wanted to use. The only catch was they were only allowed a certain amount of limited materials such as lollipop sticks, straws or tin foil.

Take a look at all the amazing different raft designs in the photos…I couldn’t believe the creativity, teamwork and problem solving skills. Most of the boats managed to float, all were Christmassy but only 2 managed to hold a gingerbread man!

Carol singing, Christmas Lunch & Lights, Camel, Action!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in school now!

Last week we had a very busy week full of festive fun. The P4s put on two amazing performances of their show ‘Lights, Camel, Action’ which everyone really enjoyed! They worked so hard and even after so many weeks of practising and learning lines they still had the same amount of enthusiasm and cheer for all the performances- I’m very proud of them.

On Wednesday the canteen staff prepared a lovely Christmas lunch for us all, and with Christmas songs playing it really got us all feeling festive!

Then on Friday afternoon we took part in our whole school outdoor carol service where the p4s joined their year group to perform some songs from their show and the p5s all got together to sing ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. A lovely way to end the week.

Christmas Advent!

In our class our advent calendar is digital this year! We’ve had lots of fun scanning the QR code to find out what our Christmas joke or riddle is, as well as our daily act of kindness!

We’ve had lots of Christmas kindness acts, such as picking up litter, complimenting classmates, holding doors open and leaving nice notes 😊. Hopefully the pupils have been completing their acts of kindness at home too…this weekend their acts of kindness were to share some jokes/riddles that we’ve had in our calendar so far and to help out with some housework. Leave a comment if you’ve done this and let me know!

Jacobite Kilts!

We’ve been learning about different Scottish clans and what Jacobites wore so decided to design our own tartan for our kilt display!

Some of us searched up tartan and colours that went with our surnames or clans and some of us designed a brand new tartan!

I love all the colours and designs 😊

Our Library is Open!

Our new MOL library opened today and we were the first class that got to visit- how exciting! It was great getting to look through all the different books and learn how to check out and return our books on the computers 📚

Most of us have now chosen a personal reader and we will visit the library every week to return or swap books. If you haven’t yet handed in the book account slip then please do as pupils are not allowed to check out books if they do not have permission to have an account.


Maths fun!

Over the last few weeks we have been working on addition and subtraction and are now moving on to multiplication! We do lots of fun activities in our maths sessions, and like using the bingo balls to make sums, playing board games, using TTRockstars and today we tried out ‘Mathopoly’ too!