Sumdog Contest!

For maths homework this week we are taking part in a Highland Sumdog Contest. 54 classes across Highland are taking part and currently we are in 8th place which is amazing!!

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Remember, for homework you are to log in to sumdog and try to play for at least 10 minutes a day…the only way we will do well is if we all work as team and answer as many questions as we can! Unfortunately, I can see that there are still a handful of pupils who haven’t answered any questions yet. However a MASSIVE well done to Ruairidh H who has already answered his 1000 questions and is in 15th place on the individual student leaderboard – wow!!

We have until 8pm on Thursday…can we make it into the top 5? Good luck 🙂


Science Week!

Last week we celebrated National Science week by doing some fun science experiments and activities in class.

Our first activity was making mini lava lamps – it was so interesting to see that water and oil don’t mix! We loved adding the food colouring then seeing the reaction when we popped in the vitamin c tablet 🙂

Later in the week we buddied up with P1B to make bath fizzers! All we needed were a few different ingredients…citric acid, bicarbonate soda, mint and some sprays of water. Then we molded the bath fizzer into shape and left it to dry. It was great working with P1 and helping them to do this as it would of been tricky for them without our help! Here’s some photos of us working together with our buddies:

The next day when we checked on our bath fizzers they had hardened and were ready to be tested. So we popped back along to P1 to text them in their water trays. We tested some in hot water and some in cold to see the different way they reacted. We saw lots of bubbles and the bath bomb dissolving and disappearing, smelt the fresh mint as the bath fizzer dissolved and heard the fizzing!

P4/5 were excellent, responsible buddies so Mrs MacAulay let us have some free choosing time in the P1 classroom which they loved! Lots of dressing up, reading stories and playing shops!

World Book Day!

We had a fantastic World Book Day where we had the chance to share lots of stories and hear a few of the teachers favourite stories too! We visited Mr Blair who read us ‘The Twits’, Mr Knox read us his favourite part of ‘lord of the Rings’ and Mrs MacLeod read us ‘The Crayons who Quit’.

We also had a fun assembly where we got our book tokens and bookmarks and where Mrs Snedden kicked off our whole school storybook – Max and the Millions. We’re excited to start reading it and wonder when our class will be next to get it!

Great effort from lots of pupils who dressed up too! It was a little bit of a sad day though because it was Josh’s last day with us as he has moved away and will be joining a different primary school. We will miss him lots and it was great to him as part of our class. We wish him the best of luck! 🙂


What a fun week!

We’ve had lots going on this week. In maths we have started look at fractions and working out equivalent fractions. We’ve been doing lots of group work, board games, computer games and worksheets to help us understand. We have also started our ‘P4/5 Programmers’ topic and have been using to do some basic block coding.

On Tuesday it was pancake day – yay! So we started the day off well by having a pancake and choosing our topping. It was also Nikola’s birthday on Tuesday so we got some cake at the end of the day too – wow, our lucky day!

In literacy we have been working on our debating skills and thinking about for and against arguments. This has been really fun and Miss McPherson has been challenging us lots to make sure we back up our arguments and explain WHY we agree or disagree. The pupils have done very well arguing their points and being persuasive!

Things to remember this week…

It’s a busy week this week so just a reminder of a few key things to remember…

P5 Tennis

On Wednesday the P5s will be going to their tennis festival at Millburn Academy to practise their skills against other pupils from different schools. This comes after our 4 weeks block of learning with a tennis coach as part of our PE.

We’ll be leaving at 12.15 and returning by 3pm. Please remember a PE kit and water bottle. If you haven’t returned the slip for the tennis festival please do so tomorrow.

World Book Day

On Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day in school. Our theme is ‘books through the decades’ so feel free to come to school dressed in clothes from a certain decade (lots of amazing clothes worn in the 60s, 70s and 80s!), or even from the world war period or simply dress up colourfully or as a character.

We will be sharing favourite stories and thinking about books we enjoyed when we were young so have a think about this 🙂

Times Table Karaoke!

Our times table of the week last week and this week is the 6 x table. We’ve been using this song to help us learn it…very catchy!

For homework keep practising your 6 times table and practising the song 🙂


We had another great number of pupils pass their basic facts this week – well done!

Also, after our swimming block all our P5 pupils were happy to get their swimming certificates – super swimmers!

On Friday we also officially started using our class recognition board. Pupils can move up on the recognition board by going ‘over and above’. This could be by going out of their way to help others, putting 110% effort into work or behaviour, making super improvements or by focusing on what our target may be.

Well done to the 5 pupils who managed to get up on the recognition board on Friday! This was for super hard work focusing on their basic facts skills and for consistently being respectful in assembly 👏🏽👏🏽

Fun on the Chromebooks!

We used the chromebooks for lots of different learning this week!

We loved using Book Creator to create digital stories with our writing partners. All our stories had to have a water/sea theme and we learnt how to insert text and pictures. Next week we’ll share our digital books on World Book day!

After using the atlases to practice our compass directions and grid references we got to use google maps to work out distances and times between 2 places, and got to travel to different parts of the world using the magic of street view! 🌎

And finally, we even practised our comprehension strategies using the chrome books! We watched a fab animation called ‘The Box’ but paused it in lots of different places so we could make predictions, inferences and questions- our comprehension is really coming on! Great work!

Thinking of Others!

We had a lovely ‘Thinking of Others’ day and took part in lots of activities to do with kindness and friendship, and even got some yummy rainbow cakes made by our brilliant canteen staff!

A favourite part of today was reading the story Those Shoes which was all about being kind to others and showing empathy – a new word we were learning about.

Tell someone at home about this story and how it linked to our ‘Thinking of Others’ theme!

We also enjoyed circle time where we shared some fantastic examples of kindness and then took part in group drama activities to do with resolving conflict with our friends. Some fantastic performances and really thoughtful solutions to the problems!

As well as that we enjoyed our kindness go noodle activities and began a kindness paper chain. The idea is that when someone does something kind or thoughtful for you you can add it to the chain. I’ve challenged the class to try and make our kindness paper chain the length of the classroom before the end of term!

Amazing Artists!

Over the past few weeks with Mrs MacLeod we have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and studying some of his art work. Have a look at some of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired art work that we created – it’s certainly brightened up our classroom!