Our new playground games!

Our school has bought in lots of new PE/playground equipment and games and we were delighted to get a chance to try some of it out this week!

We’re very lucky to have all these new resources and we chatted about how careful and responsible we will need to be when using them all so that they last a long time and things don’t get lost or broken. Next week we will have he chance to play with some of during break and lunch times – how exciting!


Our Assembly!

Pupils should have come home with a letter this week inviting you all to our joint class assembly with P5. The assembly will be all about our topic ‘Equality and Diversity’.

Just in case a letter didn’t make its way to you, our assembly will take place on Wednesday 10th October at 2pm in the hall. We look forward to seeing as many people there as possible and sharing our learning with you!

Sponsored Walk Success!

Apologies for not sharing these photos sooner, what a fantastic sponsored walk we had last week! All the children did so well, particularly with it being the first time a lot of the pupils have done the longer 10k route. Great weather and lots of happy faces but tired legs by the end.

If there is anymore sponsored walk money to be handed in please hand it in this week 😊

Sponsored Walk Reminder!

Remember, tomorrow is our Sponsored Walk where P4-7 will be walking a 10k route through Daviot Woods.

For the event, all pupils will need a backpack (such as their regular school bag), waterproof jacket and sensible footwear for the woods. In their backpacks, pupils should carry a water bottle and snack – no fizzy drinks, please. As we will be out and on the go in the woods, children will have to carry any waste from their snack in their own bags. Pupils will return to school in time for normal lunches and school dinners.

Remember that the theme is ‘The Movies’ so pupils are invited to dress up as a movie character, however if pupils would prefer to just wear normal clothes then that’s absolutely fine too 🙂

Please bring in any sponsor money this week. Thank you!

Baking Skills!

We are lucky to have Mrs Adameic as one of our PSAs in P4/5 and she has started to run a ‘Life Skills’ class where she will do activities such as baking and gardening with a group of pupils. Over the past few weeks some children have had the opportunity to take part in some baking, developing great skills such as communication, measuring, timing, following instructions and of course washing and tidying up! So far we have had tasty treats such as scones, bread and cupcakes.

Sponsored Walk!

Image result for sponsored walk#

Just a reminder that the MOL Sponsored Walk is happening on Wednesday 12th September and our theme is ‘The Movies’ so feel free to dress up as your favourite character or dress up fancy for The Oscars!

If anyone missed the letter or has lost theirs I have attached a copy below. Please do try and collect some sponsor money for the walk and help us raise our school funds!

If any parents are able to help out on our Sponsored Walk please do let us know, or send back in the ‘Parent Volunteer’ slip. We would really appreciate your help 🙂

sponsored walk letter 2018

Fun Fitness in PE!

Last week we had great fun in PE playing team games on the MUGA and then taking part in some fitness circuits! It’s been great getting outside for PE and Fit 15 in this nice weather.

Wonderful Writing!

We had some fabulous writing in P4/5 on Friday. We did lots of work throughout the week thinking about ‘The Best Part of Me’ and it was great to read about what the pupils love about themselves!

Here’s a peek at just a few different pieces below:

The Best Part of Me

This week for writing we are being inspired by the book ‘The Best Part of Me’ where children have written short poems and passages about the best parts of themselves.

The book is brilliant as it shows lots of different reasons why people love different parts of themselves…such as their legs for running races or walking through the woods, or their ears for listening to their favourite music or sharing secrets!

Today we looked at examples from the book and hunted for great adjectives and description…we found lots of different words!

We will be doing our own writing on Friday so chat at home about what you think the best part of you is and all the reasons why. This will help you when you write your own.

For example mine would be my hands because they let me turn the pages of the books I love, they let me make my cup of tea and brush my hair. They let me pat my fluffy dog and tickle his ears! 🙂

I can’t wait until we write our own!